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Jordie Doubt was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. He spent many hours in drawing and painting already in early age. An interest in Tattoos came with the punk rock and skateboarding scene. With his first tattoo at 18 years he asked his tattooer for an apprenticeship. Following a less than encouraging answer he looked for other career options involving drawing. After a few years of manual labour, Jordie Doubt attended the “Vancouver Film School” for 2d animation (“Classical Animation”). 

Upon completion of that education in 2003, he relocated to his wife Géraldine in Switzerland. After a few good years of work in the animation industry he decided to realize his goal of being a Tattooer. After a bumpz start with a short apprenticeship and the advice and help of Filip Leu and Rinzing, Jordie started working at “Calvaria Tattoo” in Bern, 2010. Two years later he opened his own shop “Doubt Tattoo” in Murten/Morat, Switzerland. 


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